Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's storming outside and now I can't take my much anticipated bath because of my nude death phobia. Curse you Zeus!

My show is tomorrow!
I have a spiderbite on the side of my face....hello combover!
Someone is having a berfday party!
The Faculty Triennial is opening!
Cool bands are playing at Club DeVille!
Where will the night take me? Somewhere unsavory, I hope.

I'm reentering un-civilized society yet again. This time, for a while. Yes.
Thanks to Arturo, Risa, Mike Chesser, AlisonKuo, and LaurenCardenas for helping me execute and classify my show. Especially thanks to Lauren Cardenas, who has gone above and beyond the call of assistant duty to aid me in my Terry Gilliam like quest (see Lost in La Mancha, for a better idea). She has been my rational wingman, alerting me when my ideas and work process devolved into complete anarchy. And she tells me what glues to use and how to make things "archival." Who knew?

Like today, I could have used her as I reached into my purse, only to remember that I placed razor blades in the pocket for my exacto knife. Luckily, it was a minor poke, but quite startling nonetheless. I needed you to go in on an exploratory purse mission, Lauren, I needed you.

And thanks to my mom for making my little sister her maid of honor instead of me. Thanks, I didn't need that "honor" anyway.

Just kidding mommaz, you know I shirk most responsibilities and so will happily pass this one off.

And finally, good night to you all.

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Alison P. Kuo said...

We're going to have to start weaning ourselves off of our Lauren dependencies. It's sad.