Sunday, April 06, 2008

Just got back from the hospital, where I spent all day nursing baby Arturo, who incurred a severe sprain last night while imitating Rick Flair. Hospitals are weird and awful, and I was wearing the same hookerish outfit I wore last night to Trenton's ballet.

And yet, my day in the emergency room was oddly fun. I mean, the bureaucracy is so ridiculous and the hospital staff are alternately patronizing and/or unpleasant. Arturo had this "brodude" of a doctor, who high-fived him after the x-ray came back and his ankle wasn't broken. He high-fived him!

I'm telling you right now it was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

I sprawled out on the hospital bed while they did x-rays and someone commented that I should "make myself at home." I did, Brackenridge, I really did. This one nurse was so unhappy and rude that I couldn't help but laugh as she chided Arturo for his inflexibility. I also had to push Arturo around in a wheelchair and tried very hard to run him into nurses and laypeople. Without results unfortunately. Arturo also received Vicodin, and I was given one for my unflinching loyalty and my whimsical sense of wheelchair play.

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