Saturday, April 19, 2008

Opening was fabulous, and I saw so many of my favorite folks, people I haven't seen or talked to in quite some time. And so many of my kids (past and present) came out for it, which was fucking adorable and made me feel warm and tingly.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and thoroughly enjoyed the adulation and drinking almond champagne (thanks Jamie).
At the after-party, I became wildly intoxicated all at once, and made the interns take me to Thai Passion to sober up. It was delicious, but made me tired instead of making me walk upright. So, I went home. Relatively little debauchery was had in the end, but still it was a night worth remembering.
Today I am going to Georgetown with Arturo to see some more of my babies' work. And then tomorrow, I have to start dealing with the life shit I have been shelving away for so long. Sigh. Being a hermit has it's advantages.
Tomorrow Ms. Carling Hale is also taking installation shots, so I will try to post some for your enjoyments.


Shannon said...


Shannon said...

Weird. I typed the C and O there. Sigh.