Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ug. I've been trying to apply for this Swiss residency all day, but my application keeps bouncing back because Herr Von Whatever's mailbox is full.
Damn, I was looking forward to yodeling, freak ski accidents and real rolexes.
In other news, Sasha came over yesterday, which is a relief because being alone in this house is giving me a serious case of the know like Willie Loman, Willie Mays, Willie Brimley and the like. Get out of my house, spirit of Willie Loman! Stop leaving wisps of trampled mediocrity all over the place! Stop feigning suicide in my kitchen sink!

*God, what was his son's name, Bane? Buck? Chickie?


I had a really pleasant evening. I went to Eastside Cafe with my Mommaz and her boy-toy, Jonathan the Vet. Risa and I thought maybe he could help out with her cat's health problems, but then decided that saying "Welcome to Austin, please drain my cat's abscess!" might be a bit weird. And not Austin weird either, although Momathan wants to do all things Austin like Barton Springs and bat stuff.

Momathan is so cute and is talking about taking a folk-dancing themed river cruise around Bulgaria. And I'm not making that up.

Then I went to Risa's new house for Rose's BDay celebration, which included beer and a dirty board game. Example of a winning phrase: "cousin-fucker."
Altogether, a beautiful night I think.

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