Monday, May 19, 2008

Aw, babyarturo threw me a surprise party! I was so surprised! He tricked me into believing that I had to help him with his overflowing toilet. So, as I was grumbling about poop and dedication, and hitching up my sweater vest to prevent any splashback, I entered and saw a ton of my favorite people huddled together and staring at me like hideously contorted wax figurines.
I had so much fun, and the thought was really sweet, but I seriously almost died of fright. I must have some kind of weak constitution or something, because I came close to having a little "surprise" in my panties. This came on the heels of a ridiculously debauched weekend where I bid farewell to Austin in style---if "in style" means a Stevie Wonder-a-thons and homemade ouija boards. Shit, I have really never been that surprised in my life. Thanks for coming, people who came! I'm sorry I was so scared of you!

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Richey Rich. said...

I woulda came, but the premise sounded too much like an intervention, but for whom I wasn't sure. Buena Suerte.