Saturday, May 03, 2008

Man, I have some kind of migraine and it's killing me.
Maybe part of it is that I keep reading obscure articles about like the California penal code and other such shit.
*I didn't read anything about the California penal code, but it is a good example of the type of issue-related article that is giving me a migraine.

I went to quite a few Fusebox events this week, two of the better ones were Erick Michaud & Erin Curtis' performance/installation and the Lionel Ritchie Opera. It was a muthafuckin' Lionel Ritchie Opera. I love Lionel. All in all, I am really impressed with the direction Fusebox is taking.

Mommathan took me out to nice dinners and I ate like the starved, penniless artist I pretend to be in order to elicit sympathy.
And today I went to UT's aquatic center to see momma swim the 200M butterfly. She placed second! I was so proud of her. And she only came in second because the winner was a world-record holder and wore a tadpole suit (see below).
The meet (which was the Master's Swimming Nationals, no less) smelled exactly as I remembered. It's the smell of old people and wet skin and chlorine. Seeing so many people invested in this strange subculture is interesting. The more serious swimmers wear bodysuits that make them look like giant sexless tadpoles. Tadpoles are already sexless, I know, but they look like people tadpoles trying to look andro.

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