Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OMFG. When I was younger I had a total tornado phobia, and it just returned as my house was pelted with giant hail and I heard glass shattering outside. I thought I would be swept away like that crazy Dorothy lady from that square state.
I was all alone in my closet (yes, I trapped myself in the closet, only it wasn't as entertaining as R. Kelly and his midget/bitch themed opus) and I swear my whole house was shaking. I called a myriad of friends, none of whom picked up, which is good because I was hysterical and would have regretted the next morning convo. In my fright, I strategically called certain people: Sasha because she is a storm specialist, Risa because she is good at articulating the ridiculousness of certain neuroses and Arturo because he has a sturdy SUV that could retrieve and salvage my far-flung body parts.

In other news:
I'm sad to see that Clementine Gallery is closing,

Hana had some people over to see a Czech musical duo, and they were pretty amazing. Everyone was still and quiet for the whole hour that they played, which made me really wonder why I don't do that more often. Then I realized that I'm twitchy.

Anthony, Arturo, Xochi and I saw Smart People today, and I must say that I was disappointed. None of the characters were at all sympathetic, and the whole thing seemed so overwrought; it was like Happiness, but um, happier.

*And that's despite the fact that it stars my doppleganger Ellen Page, who it must be said, can no longer be my doppleganger because she weighs like 7 pounds now.

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