Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well, I'm leaving on Sat. and I might have a job in the Big German Apfel as a tour guide. I have a lot of feeeeeeeeeelings about it, and lull myself to sleep at night with Liza and Hewig's Berlincentric vocal stylings in order to deutsch away my moving anxiety. There's so much to miss in Austin, but I will not miss this fucking, fucking heat.

No, I will not miss that.

I went to get the a/c in my car fixed today and found out that my compressor has shards of crap floating around or something and it will cost me a pretty penny to fix it. And I don't have pennies that pretty. So, looks like I'm driving cross-country with constant butt sweat and heat-induced highway visions of speaking buffalo and sashaying headlights.

Aw nutz, I forgot about Nohegan, but was reminded by Lozano's synopsis...here:

Everybody should go because it's fun and so hot that you forget yourself and impale people with bedazzled bamboo shafts.

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Salvador said...

Some like it hot
Some like it cold
Some like it in the pot 9 days old.

Good luck and have a safe trip!