Saturday, June 07, 2008

Adrian Piper sighting a sign of my impending dementia?

This morning, I saw Adrian Piper in the subway tunnel underneath Rosenthaler Platz. It was just the two of us walking toward each other, which was incredibly strange.
And it is also weird because there are like 3.4 million people in Berlin with 3.399999999999 million of them not being Adrian Piper, my artheroine and one of the many reasons I began to think seriously about moving here.
She looked alarmingly dapper and had this weirdly blissful look on her face. I couldn't decide whether to sycophantify myself and run after her and tell her what an amazing speaker/artist/person she is, or just let it go. I decided to just let it go.

Then, I decided not to let it go, so I turned around, tripped in my excitement, and made some giggly German girl very giggly. I tried to find Adrian again, but she was lost in the mist of people crossing the street. Was she a Gucci sponsored mirage? Either way, I am going to frequent that subway stop in hopes of drinking from her bespectacled oasis-like visage again.

I keep thinking about her happy, satisfied look. She looked like a woman who really enjoys life, even after piling into some hot ass subway car with 800 French tourists*. That leads me to another shocking thing about her appearance: she was wearing wintry clothing. It is very hot here. Much hotter than I expected. And a/c is like unheard of, so those subway cars are basically little shag-carpeted George Foremans.
I mean, the woman was wearing a pantsuit, coat and scarf. But she wasn't sweating. I however, was sweating profusely in the cotton homemade robot shirt my assistant gave me. Is Adrian Piper immune to sweating and other base human functions?

I find this whole encounter mystifying.

*French tourists have taken over Berlin, Le gross.
Is it Bastille Day?

I sketched inside a graveyard for like an hour today. I sketched some headstones and weird altars and stuff. I realized that I really miss purposeless sketching. For a while now, I've been using sketchbooks to diagram installations plan sculptural forms to be used later. But I think for a few weeks I'm just going to record weird stuff with no ulterior motive.


Lauren Cardenas said...

I am happy the t-shirt I made you in get some berlin action. I am sorry to say I am not going to be able to make it to berlin. I am very sad and pissed, but I am with the pa and currently in spain. Though have fun in berlin. -- Lauren

d. said...

Speaking of Adrian and strange encounters--I'm in New York this month in a residency and emailed Troy to tell him I missed his latest show in Chelsea by one day but when I get back to austin let's have a Mexican Martini. He emailed back that he was still in New York and let's get together later in the week. The next day I get off the subway at a random stop to walk back to my room and I run into Troy and Emily on the street. What are the chances of that happening in Manhattan. So we had dinner and later in the week I went to Emily's birthday party (a block from my studio) and Mike Smith and several former U.T. students were there. What fun. Plus, Abe is staying in my dorm this week. What weird fun. Anyway I hope you run into Adrian again and get to talk.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

I hope I do too. I'm jealous you hung with Troy, I miss that little maniac.

andrea mellard said...

I was doing some research today, including on Adrian Piper's Pretend series, and thought I'd pop by and see how my favorite ex-pat is doing. Sounds like you're doing great if your chasing her around your neighborhood subway! Miss you!