Sunday, June 08, 2008

Here's the haps:

-After studying for a few months, I'm actually pretty good at German, but I still get hopelessly embarrassed when speaking it. I almost died at this crepe place yesterday when the waiter treated me like I had a touch o' the downs and made overly telling hand gestures about the contents of my crepe.

-I went around to a lot of galleries on Sat., but they were mysteriously closed. I was like, "wtf?" Then, I realized that it was 7:30 AM, and that only crazy people are up that early on a weekend.

-My sleeping fahrplan is totally off (see above) and I want to schlafen like a normal human again.

-I have a new favorite magazine:
It was started by ex-village voicers for English-speaking expats. EXcellent.

-I saw a man holding a basket with a tiny puppy above the Spree River. I couldn't tell if he was going to throw it in or if he was sweetly trying to give his tiny puppy a waterview. It made for a really weird picture, I need to get some batteries for that brokeass digicam of mine.

-I went to my fave bar, the Himmelreich, and I got to see my bartender friend Katja, but I also had to see a million old ladies wearing playboy bunny ears because the bar was packed with them. What was that about do you think?


Stephanie Bonham said...

Oh you are making me want to be in Berlin again. I am enjoying your stories but I think putting a thong over your eye could be a risky move without proper sterilization facilities. That's what I would say if I were a medical professional, at least.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Hmm, I suppose you're right Dr. Bonham, I don't trust German washing machines anyways (they give you like a teaspoon of soap!) Der sigh.