Saturday, June 21, 2008

Honest to blog (Juno!), I have so much to report:

I went to some art openings last night in these warehouses behind the Hamburger Banhof. It was pretty cool. The art was a little predictable, very much what you would expect to see from high-end "edgy" galleries in Berlin. But the spaces themselves were awesome, and one gallery screened The Five Obstructions, which I was very excited to see, although I left early and so only saw the first "obstruction." There was a nice, chill vibe with people drinking beers outside. Surprisingly not crowded...lovely really. And while you all are sweating ballz over in the states, I am enjoying the Alpine winds tugging at my long-sleeves. Lovely.

I got tipsy at said openings, and hung out with Mike Ruiz and his ladyfriend Ann. I also met this girl from Bavaria who looked exactly like Heidi, and not the Montag one.

Today I went to a "traditional" Chinese soup restaurant. I realized my gastronomical ignorance right away: I have never had "traditional" Chinese soup. It was very, very not delicious for little hung-over Ali. And there was no soup! Only those weird shrimp with eyeballs, tofu, and a mysterious (shudder) deep-blue gelatinous sea creature. The girl/waitress kept eyeing me so I had to eat it in order to be respectful, although I put some of it in a napkin in my purse when she wasn't looking (for serious).
I was about to leave (because I thought the soup was it) when she gave me a second course, which was great and redeemed the whole experience. Then, something even weirder happened:
I thought she was staring at me because I was stupid and American, but she came over to ask me if I was part Chinese. Wtf? I started laughing because no one's ever confused me for anything other than a goopy pile of Anglo before.
Then she was like, "you really look part Chinese, maybe you have some and don't know it." Then she asked the old chef man who nodded that I looked like I had a little Chinese in me. So weird. Mom, am I part Chinese?


Alison P. Kuo said...

You do look a little Chinese. I've actually thought that before. And wondered.

Ali Fitzgerald said...

Wow, this is a really exciting revelation for me! I asked my mom and she said people used to ask her the same thing. Weird.