Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am so pissed at my foot. It's the same foot I drunkenly fractured in undergrad and never got properly fixed. Fuck you left foot. Berlin is not a good place to have a foot injury as everything is incredibly far away and cobblestoned.

Reasons why my foot is getting worse:

Instead of relaxing last night, I trekked to this Biennial performance on the "Death Strip." I must say, it was pretty amazing and almost worth the pains now rocketing through my body.
The artists had about 6 BMW's tied together and drove in circles around a fire (which tumbled at some point) while some spooky version of "This Land is Your Land..." played. It was like a weird, overpriced wagon circle inside a shitty overgrown commie park, very cool. They also encouraged people to ride in the BMWs, the resulting vibe being one of a punk rock state fair or something.

And there was this fascinating mix of people: high-class curators creaming themselves about how "raw" and "offbeat" this was, mothers playing with their children, crazy German artists, pretty American gallerinas. It was in this deserted park and I just sat on one of the rocks and watched all the people.

Afterwards, I tried to go to the SO36 (partly to meet up with my German lover), but it was closed. I guess I'm not going anywhere until my foot gets better. Suck.

*I made a homemade splint out of undies(see above), which is how I was able to get around last night. Some of you may remember the thong eyepatch I made for myself during eye-infection 06.'
I am so fucking handy it's ridiculous.

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The Pistol said...

Pink eye calls for a pink thong eye patch, but pink foot?