Saturday, June 14, 2008

My new friend Meredith told me about this party tonight, which sounds like some cinematic climax I would replay in my head, and not a real event. And oh, god yes I'm going.

*I know I'm probs breaking some privacy laws (I removed the address tho), but this is too good. The following is an excerpt from the lengthy, dual German/English email invitation Meredith forwarded me.

Celebrate with me on a Berlin rooftop:

Saturday, June 14th, starting 8 pm till late the next day

Meet da funky bunch:
I'll be pleased to welcome 200-300 friends, family & companions from the world of art, sports and culture; break dancer, bballer, graffiti heads, young or mature, writers, party people from all over Germany, Istanbul, London, Miami, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, Stockholm...... Are you coming?

Home-cooked food
Bar: Andre, Phil + Robat the Kid Berlin

Music: Da Hils, Don Brazo, Joseph Kratzinger, Noshe, Nushitzu & friends, Phonosapienz, Mc Veit

Breaker: Jerome the Metronom & Ko Crew

*I might also try to see this performance by the kids at Rhizome and AIDS 3-D, but really this party is my priority.

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