Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well I have a very promising job interview on Wed. Herr Boss man asked if I could start right away and implied that he would write me a letter so I can get a Visa. But perhaps posting it here is bad luck, maybe Blogger is Lucifer's failure-inducing online trident; shooting out blasts of hellfire and weak handshakes, molten lava and poor posture.
The reality is that I should really stop advertising possible opportunities before I've been afforded the proper time to f shit up. Cuz I f a lot of shit up.

And why am I blogging incessantly anyway? I think it's because I don't have a television. Or a phone. Or a committed and enthusiastic pet with which to share the daily challenges of expatriate life.
"c'mere lil' Uncle Sam, let me tell you about starting an account at Deutschebank today, I know you'll listen, you always listen," (Ali creepily strokes an embalmed cat)

I agreed to be part of Artpace's "2 to Watch" series, so it looks like I'm flying back to Texas in November whether I'm in the states by that point or not. *There was a joke here about San Antonio, but it was in poor taste, so I left er' out.

Tomorrow night I'm going to this thing, which sounds kind of amazing:

8:30 PM Friday, June 27th
Skulpternpark Berlin Zentrum
Abby Donovan "The Arrival of Meaning"

A temporary, one twilight installation of the "Meaning Tor"--one of Berlin's missing gates, a portal of sorts that will only be open one evening at dusk. A crazy scaffolding triumphal-not arch will serve as a proscenium for 2 meaning machines that will be suspended between the columns, to be approached from either side. From one approach a dynamo-powered LED lightning bolt, from the other, a dynamo-powered LED rainbow. There's no real correlation between how long one spins the dynamo and when a lightning bolt or a rainbow appears. Oracles of a sort, or brief symbol flashes that might give significance to the moment and context within which they appear. Or they might not. A sort of sad lonely magic. Temporary construction of meaning.

The whole works will be bundled up and disassembled and beginning at about 6:30 PM we will follow a route from 1 Gruenbergerstr to Skulpternpark Berlin Zentrum--kind of like a bedraggled troupe of medieval players. Have you ever had a carnival drive past you on the highway in the US? Kind of like that.

Then afterwards I'm going to a dance-battle at the SO36. Y-es.

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