Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am, once again, totally infatuated.
Sometimes I think I prefer massive, painfully calculated and infantile infatuations to real, lasting relationships. Actually I don't think that, I know that.
But man, those first few moments and kisses are heart-breakingly awesome and feel just like Neil Young's Harvest Moon or even Lionel Ritchie's I Call It love. I always thought I was a pessimist about zee love, until a friend told me the other night that I was the biggest "closet romantic" she's ever known. So, maybe I am. I fucking cry at rom-coms ok? And I came close to crying just reading about the robot-love in Wall-E.

The only thing is, after a couple of weeks I get bored, the Neil Young luster is gone and then it's just another humdrum techno beat, giving my ears relationship tinnitus.

Maybe I'm not so romantic after all.

*My new love interest also loves Neil Young.


Axel said...

Harvest Moon is about the stoking of a long time relationship. Embers are fucking hot.

Alison said...

Yeah, I was thinking about Neil in a weird roundabout way----my roommate reserved this term "neil young love" for my most earnest infatuations. But it was less about the passion, more about how "serious" both Neil and I are about the depth of our love.
So yes, Harvest Moon is not a totally appropriate song, but seems somehow perfect given the gravity of the moment.