Saturday, August 16, 2008

Awwww, my freunds Willi and Nicky cooked me a real German dinner with delicious meatballz and potatoes and veggies and buttermilk.
Afterwards, we watched Schwarze Schafe, (Black Sheep) which is a German movie about quirky Berlin characters loosely tethered to each other by their surroundings. It's not a novel storyline to be sure, but there was a scene where this goth, takes advantage of his comatose grandma during a satanic ritual. It was really disturbing considering that this movie was a comedy. Germany's version of funny = penetration of the elderly.

The other day I went to this cool space that also hosts residencies called Programm. It's an effort to join architects and artists and force them to collaborate despite their nutty sitcom-like differences of opinions. "That's my t-square, not a back-scratcher!" *laugh track*

There was a lecture about "ha-has," but don't ask me what they are because I am still really confused. Most, if not all of the other people there were architects and so the speaker made no effort to navigate away from archibabble. Thank you for not patronizing me, dear sir, thank you. But next time, treat me like a 12 year-old Appalachian because I had no fucking idea what you were talking about.

Someone called the lecture a "proquiem" as opposed to a "requiem" for American superhighways. And he did talk quite a bit about the theories behind current American highway systems and what the highways of the future would look like, which was cool.
My newish friend Katie is staying there right now, executing a project with her collaborator-cousin that entails, waiiiit for it.....feng-shuing the Panopticon! How fucking sweet is that.
Here are some of her paintings, she is also a librarian:

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