Sunday, August 24, 2008

I don't even know where to begin. I've been lagging behind like Dick Cheney's sad, forked reptillian tail. You know, the thing that creaks behind him as he lunges towards you in the dark. Dick Cheney is the crocodile man.
I went to a series of short lectures at Program ( It was fab, I don't know nearly enough about architecture, but at least I'm learning what an idiot I am. Self-awareness is the first step, or so they say.
Brian Boyer, my friend Katie's cousin and her current collaborator, has an interesting take on architectural theory; he uses the mantra, "form follows fable" to come up with initial designs for buildings.
For example: After studying Nordic folklore about sea-monsters, he designed this building that was engulfed by structures that resemble rows of teeth. Yes.
On Sat. Simone, Emily, Katie and I went to a club called Scala, where we heard Simone's tiny, polite German friend Sabine sing about her cha-cha Peaches-style. Then we tried to go to a boat party but couldn't find it anywheres, and instead just wandered the Spree for like an hour.
In good news, I have a couple of exciting show possibilities...perhaps. In not good news, my boss man is out of town until the first week of September, so my money-making has to wait even longer. Remember the time I almost became an online escort?
Them times is coming up again.

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