Sunday, August 10, 2008

I missed the "Fuck Parade" yesterday. Fuck.
Berlin needs to get less fun before I die of exhaustion and embarrassment.


Axel said...

What the fuck is a fucking fuck parade?

Alison said...

From Wiki:

The Fuckparade is a techno demonstration in Berlin. As of 2005 it has occurred every year since 1997, in July or August. It developed in reaction to the music restriction (exclusion of Gabber music) and commercialisation of Love Parade.[1][2] Additionally, it broached the issue of the techno club Bunker being closed. The most played styles of music in the Fuckparade are Gabber, Speedcore, Techno, Punk, and House.The name "Fuckparade" has nothing to do with the literal meaning, it's the short form of "Fuck the Loveparade".

Originally the "Fuckparade" was named "Hateparade" and should show the difference to the "Loveparade". But the name was interpreted by the media as violence-glamourising.

Anonymous said...

Has your template always been black?
House music is underrated.
And yes you look adorable.