Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm done with my Catholic guilt complex. Yes, I'm having fun and becoming a partymonster like Macaulay Culkin. Yes, I am tonguing way more people than is normal or orally hygienic. Yes, I am going to clubs called "Roses," and "Cookies" and "Cake." I am decadent and Caligula-esque. Chocolate-youtube-vomitorium.

But for 6-9 months in Austin I worked constantly and wouldn't even go out to lunch with friends. I was like a phantom and was socially negligent.

So I deserve this. Sister Mary Joseph (a nun I remember from my brief stint in catholic school) I deserve this.
And if fucking Germany would just give me a work visa, then I wouldn't have to explore my fat-kid gone wild issues through alcohol and dirty dancing.

*This post was more about appeasing my sense of self-doubt, and if you noticed, I am really, really not done with my Catholic guilt complex. Will I ever be done? I'm sick of chastising myself constantly and feeling bad about things. How did you indoctrinate me so, Sister Mary Joseph, how did you?
*Answer: through cookies and a graphic novelly version of the bible.


Sister Mary Joseph said...

I'll see you in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Catholic guilt complex? hmm...
It all makes better sense now.
Stop checking your stats, I'm just reading you're blog.

sister mary joseph, you're funny.

Alison said...

I check my stats incessantly and go to other blogs thru that, because I have not reestablised links of my own, since I tried to change my template to something more "light-house," salvo cheque.

Sister Mary Joseph: I'm pretty sure you've passed away by now, considering you were the oldest nun at "Little Flower" 20 years ago, but perhaps I will see you in the great beyond...nope, I'm pretty sure we're ending up in two entirely different places. Unless you're on the "flipside" which is where I'll be for the next couple of days at least.

Bernard J. McCullough said...

...and forgive us for trespassing, and a delivery from evil...Pleased to be with you(z).