Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today was more than a little bit Belle and Sebastian. Someone I really liked left, the first of my transient family to return stateside.
Outside it is already fall and gray and Gattica, which seems premature, but maybe will be work-inducing.
A close friend of mine was betrayed by someone he loved, and it breaks the little cheneyheart I have left. The things love does to's a fox in the snow.
Sigh, I'm going to watch 30 rock in my underwear and work on my graphic novel and start relinquishing my rock of negativity so that my garden may grow.

*Italicizing puts me in a better mood.


Anonymous said...

Books Written For Girls, by Camera Obscura. A real pick-me upper:(


Ali Fitzgerald said...

I <3 that song. Just listened to it again. Yum.