Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today was one of the best days ever. I went with my friends Simone & Emily (http://www.nootnatdit.net/SEA/) and Katie to Schlachtensee lake, where we ate brats, went swimming, smoked a joint, and walked around the small town of Schlachtensee. It was one of the more magical (although slightly THC enhanced) times I've had.
The conversation was really lovely and the following topics were discussed at length:

-Getting pentagrams tattooed on our ladyparts.
-Building fairy houses out of sticks and other forest detritus.
-Fairies in general, Norwegian fairies specifically. Apparently 85% percent of their population believe in "hidden people."
-Gang violence in L.A.
-My special fish skills (I am some sort of fish magnet because of my Piscean nature).
-My future career as a dolphin trainer because of my fish skillz.
-The smell of nuns.


Cancerian Joker. said...

My brudder's a Pisces... he could always catch fish. As for me, only Crabs(Bud-dum-bump).

Sister Mary Joseph said...

Whachu mean bitch, "the smell of nuns."

Alison said...

Oh, SMJ, we had these menus at a restaurant in Schlactensee that smelled so fresh and pure that I said they must have been rubbed over the skin of nuns. Discussion of actual "nun smell" followed.
P.S. I still love you.

sister mary joseph said...

Bless you dear. Although I admit I did get a little ripe during decomposition.