Monday, September 01, 2008

For those few of you who care more about the Berlin art scene than my menstruation and/or emotional state, here are some art happenings I've attended lately:
This is a tiny bar/gallery who showed some Assume Vivid Astro Focus last month. It's a superweird and interesting Berlin.
Our very own Andy Coolquitt is in this fun group show.
This exhibition made me cringe with it's perfect angles and painting. They were hyper-realistic paintngs of the gallery itself. meta-barf.

Annnnnnd, here's what I'm up to this week. Katharina and Gemo, my new German freunds who run the space Extraraum--which is a space connected to a bookstore/publishing press that specializes in printing underrepresented artists' books--invited me to go to this new art fair in Berlin, a possible competitor for ArtForum, called ABC (Art Berlin Contemporary). I'm pretty psyched about it actually, I like upstart fairs. I do not like fairs that begin with "B" and end with "Asel".

Pluuuuus, Nicole Eisenman, one of my art crushes of all time is opening at Galerie Barbara Weiss on Friday. Mmmm.


Axel said...

So when will you be ovulating?

Ali Fitzgerald said...

16 days.

Austin Sux said...

Let's go CoooolQuit! (Oh Shit. What if Air-rut Zimmerman reads this? He'll accuse me of Cheerleading! He'll thrash me with big words at the next opening...But wait! Zimms doesn't go to openings, so fuck him.)
Let's go CoooolQuit!