Friday, October 17, 2008

Well, I've been so slack about this blog. It's because I've been busy, busy, busy, not so busy, drunk, and busy.
Anyway, I'm working on my installation for the Berliner Liste Fair, which opens October 29th, and trying to stay on top of all the bureaucracy my job demands (somewhat unsuccessfully I might add).
My best friend Nicky, the Belgian dancer of my right aorta, left to dance in the Middle East for a month on a tour sponsored by Porsche and geared towards rich dance-hungry shieks.

I couldn't give him a copy of "Persepolis" or a plane-Xanax, lest his head be cut off. Did you know that bringing drugs, even prescription anti-depressants into Saudi Arabia can result in the death penalty? Oh Saudi Arabia, all the oil in the world means nothing without medicinal hand-holding.

I got over my one-week seasonal affective disorder, in part because it is warmer outside and I am busying myself with work. Also, I am staying part-time at Nicky's apartment, and he has cable! Thank god, I missed that little magic square who speaks to me more than I missed breakfast tacos, timely service or Federalist, mavericky attitudes.
Berlin is good, my Californian friend James and I go to this bar near our apartments called "Silver Future," which is fast becoming my favorite place. It has cheap drinks, and strategically placed felt on murals of naked ladies.
In a couple of weeks it will be art craziness with the Artforum Fair, and the two satellite fairs that accompany it (Berliner Liste and Preview). Maybe more, I dunno. I will really try to write about it, I pwomise.
*Also, I got a new digicam from my momz, so watch out, it's about to get a whole lot mo' visual up in this piece.
*Also check out Domy's Monster Show, I put a little something in it. Plus, I think it opens on All Hallow's Eve. Plus, Monsters are cool.

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