Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm sitting in a cafe called Silver Future with Nicky, beholden to that visage I've mentioned before, a painted lady with pasties and an Angela Davis fist. Oh, how wacky!
My computer is going to die, but I thought I would sodomize you with data. Oh god, I don't know.

I saw the Anish Kapoor show at the Deutsches Guggenheim, and I saw some showzen at Duve and Nice and Fit. Nice and Fit had videos from Kate Gilmore, Kara Walker, Jason Phelan (?), Robin Rhoade, and others. Of course, Kara stole my already stolen heart. Later that night, Nicky and I met a couple of puppeteers, which complemented nicely my Kara puppetlust.

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