Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sketchy adventures in Turkish Imbisses, part 2.
I worked on my graphic novel at Silver Future last night. I was hungry, so I stopped for a cheeseburger at "Superburger" (or something like that) on my way home. It's one of the only places in Berlin that has a good burger besides the "Burgermeister" which is underneath the subway and housed in a former public urinal.
Anyway, I always compliment the Turkish guy who runs the place on his "American-style" cheeseburgers. So last night, he repaid me by giving me free shots. I had to work this morning, but I took them out of politeness and love of free stuff. Anyway, I started to feel unusually weird after the second one, and I asked him groggily, "Was ist das?" He said that he didn't know, then he brought out the whole bottle encouraging me to take as much as I wanted.
It was absinthe. He gave me absinthe.
Everything moved very slowly and I went home and listened in rapt attention as my roommate Lucia read emails to me for an hour.
I was still a little out of it this morning in class, but luckily I was energized by one of my student's stories. She is assistant to the head of arts and culture in Germany (or something like that) and always gets to attend movie premieres etc. Anyway, she attended the Valkyrie premiere and VIP reception and got to talk to TomKat!
Her synopsis: Tom is short and skinny and intense. And apparently doesn't know how big soccer is here in Europe. Wtf? She said he also kept talking about training for the movie at West Point, where they gave him an honorary degree? huh? Also, Tom asked her if she would like a picture with him and she replied, "no," which I think is hilarious.

According to my student, Sandra, Katie Holmes has the weakest handshake ever and is basically a mute barfstick. Sandra said that she didn't speak the whole night. She was also, very "thinny" in Sandra's opinion.

I watched Valkyrie already and I thought it was kind of annoying. Tom has an American accent and the rest have British accents. C'mon.
Sandra had a good point though, she said that it's good for Germany to have someone like Tom star, and for it to be American-produced because so few people are aware of the resistance movement and Stauffenberg and obviously it's been getting some attention (at least in part because of it's suckiness).

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