Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wacky Sunday!
First I went to this Feminist art exhibition at the Akademie der Kunste with a friend, which was interesting and I will talk more about later. Basically: 1970's body performance is humorless but meaty and contemporary body performance is funny and self-referential but seems superficial. Didacticlishus.

Get out of my life, Kate Gilmore! I've seen like 5 of your videos in a week.
*I looooove some of Kate Gilmore's videos.

I was feeling all feminist, walking tall, and swathed in a quilt made of butterfly vulvas, when I went to a Turkish place on my way home for a Doner Kabab. A young, adorable Turkish employee gave me free Turkish teas and asked me about my life---in German, mind you.
The incredible thing is, I understood him and he understood me!
I'm not saying it's true love or nothing, just that maybe my German isn't all that horrible after all. Goodbye what little remains of my Puritanical work ethic.
Then, some of his Turkish friends came and I felt pretty conspicuous but wished someone could take my picture: me wet from rain, drinking tea and smoking cigarettes with 4 Turkish men while Donna Summers played from a weird disco machine, the smell of hooka wafting through my waspy euro-caucasian fingers. Oh my, how authentic.
The shitty part is, I gave him my number and he said he's going to call me tomorrow morning. Erg. He comped my meal, and made me feel good about myself for a second, so I guess I owe him a BJ right? I mean, I owe him a "Big Jaunt" to Alexanderplatz or something.


Axel said...

I once gazed into the eyes of a pretty Hungarian girl for 3 hours pretending to understand what she was saying and she gave me a mix-tape of Billy Joel songs.

Alison said...

Hungarians <3 Billy Joel. It's a fact.