Sunday, March 29, 2009

craigslist ad.

You're a single mom with limited time? Do you want to remain being Single? I am the counterpart as a dad! Currently have no place for a traditional relationship. I am in spite of everything
spontaneously, since Best Private Babysitter - Grandma / Grandpa. Do you want to physical proximity, stroking, kissing, but also on pure lust. At the tender, hot, crazy hours (or nights?) Do you want really long time and often again ...? Sign up! Then we can see if the chemistry is right. We are: Woman 3.5, men years 179/71 and come from the northeast of Berlin. 'm Mobile.

3 comments: said...

So you like to advertising on craigslist with me? I promise will long time. Maybe child wants to close discovery?

SC said...

Was this an ad taken directly from CL? Am I missing something here?

Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts

Alison said...

ja, totally taken from the Berlin CL. I just thought it was special.