Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, there's like a hailstorm right now. So long brief, dewy respite, hello Faustian promise in exchange for better weather. Listen Mephisto, you get my self-respect, I get the Caymans in the middle of Kreuzberg (pssssst, joke's on him, I gave that shit away years ago at a keg party!).
Setting the scene:
Last week, on Wednesday or something, the sun came out. I was sitting outside a Greek restaurant with my friend Emily, drinking too-early-to-be-acceptable-wine and I swear to god that my eyes had grown so accustomed to darkness that they hurt when in the presence of that fickle harlot slut, the sun. She comes only to taunt me, then retreats into her brothel of awesomeness (Mexico).
I swear though, if Spring doesn't happen within 10 days I will start a holy war and lead the way with my newfound nightvision, massacring all those who were not lucky enough to be endowed with the superpowers that accompany seasonal depression. I will spew cough syrup from my puffy, swollen face! I will complain incessantly about my wind-exposed kidneys until their heads explode! I will leak acid from my overused, poor people boots.
Sun, ladyfriend, stop collectively blueballing Berlin. Give it up gurl.
Cultural things I have been doing: (note: tltl--toolazytolink)
As stated before, my skowfriend Alejandro is in town and this weekend we went to a bunch of art openings and a "leggings" party. I will only offer up this explanation: there were a lot of leggings and it was a celebration of leggings.
The exhibitions were unbelievably mediocre, like a Sandra Bullock movie, German-Thai cuisine or SNL post 1992.
But here they are, sans a good description:
September Gallery:
I was really excited to go to this place, I think they are one of the most exciting new spaces in Berlin. But then the show just blew my mind with it's infantile mimicry of hip, designy but not too designy art. Also, the people were really snooty.
The next 3 shows were different spaces in the same building:
Future Perfect Gallery:
This was the only show I would label "good." And it was good enough for me to link to one of the artists, whose sculptures I found v. interesting despite his allegiance to the sameness-of-design model mentioned above.
Gelerija Gregor Podnar:
Didn't hate or love it, but am becoming enraged at being enraged for the same reasons all the time. Same problems as mentioned above and above.
Galerie Opdahl:
Libia Castro and Olafur Eliasson's video work.
Honestly, I can't really comment because there were too many skinny jeans in my face to actually see the work. And the collective rustling of tight denim and ironic windbreakers prevented me from hearing it either.
Chert Gallery:
This is Alejandro's gallery, and I love the space and it seems like they put on interesting shows, but this one didn't do it for me. Text was required and it was most definitely missing something to hold my attention.

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