Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mmm, aggression is certainly in the air here in ole' Berlin. I have witnessed two major fights in the past two days. One was in one of my local bar and involved a young American woman screaming and slapping patrons and the bartender. Speaking perfect German, she noted that Hitler's ascent made sense because all Germans suck.
Then, last night, Nicky and I were eating dinner outside and two old men started punching each other. It was a whirlwind of stonewashed denim, beer bottles and white hair.
One was accusing the other one of calling him a "child-fucker" and the other one was just screaming, "I know where you live. It's 109 Hobrechtstrasse!" Eventually the polizei came and took one of them away.
Today is May 1st, public holiday for the workers. I'm skeered because apparently it gets a bit out of hand here. Nicky said a bunch of Greek anarchists are coming to town just to start stuff. And I really don't like people throwing things at me or getting harassed. Some of the banks in my neighborhood are boarded up for fear that people will damage/burn them. I was also told not to wear black, so as not to be confused with one of the unmentionables. But I love black!
I also love drama and protests, just not when it involves food, violence or police interference.
*maybe when it involves food.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today I went to work, where my student didn't show up (and I spent 10 minutes slavishly printing an article from the nytimes website for her!). Soooo, I went to the Deutsches Guggs and saw the new Photorealism show. I've never been wild for photorealism, but as a strategy in the 70's it makes sense to me. The wall text at the show really annoyed me with its over-emphasis on the impersonal, objective nature of the paintings as a rebuttal to AbExers. For one thing, the painters included approach things very differently--I think Richard Estes and Audrey Flack don't necessarily have the same aim. And I don't always think that aim was to visually pants Mr. Pollock.
That's all. I like the Deutsches Guggenheim because it's small and underwhelming and intimate; very dissimilar to her big bullying brothers and sisters.
I have pictures to share with you, but Blogger is blocking me like a fat girl.

Monday, April 06, 2009

I am so exciting and new! Try me out!
Well, I had the laziest weekend ever, basically just lounging outside and psychically spooning the sun.
Hey sun, that was amazing, let's spoon!
Yeah...totally...I understand, I have somewhere to go too. I have to meet my friend Gary....yeah actually I'm late *cough*, so I better head out...but call me if you want!....you know, just to hang out...right, actually I'm pretty busy the next couple of days as well, you know, I have that thing...with Gary. I'll see you when I see you then, I guess. I had a really good time sponging you up. Who's that calling you? Is that Mexico? You're still seeing that bitch?! Fine, bye.

There were many sights to see. It's like thousands of molepeople emerge when the sun comes out and Berlin suddenly feels like a very different city. I saw a group of 8 year old boys floating down the canal on some innertube-raft thing, and I was transported to a simpler time. One where a Mr. Finn and a Mr. Sawyer had lots of wacky race-based misadventures devoid of pesky parental supervision or child labor laws.

*Seriously though, those kids were 8 and flopping around next to a ferry. The canal is still freezing I'm sure, and there are dirty, dirty swans lurking all up in that shit. So dirty.

New things:
-More pictures in the future because now I can see.
-In the next month I think I am going to start a weekly comic strip chronicling my life here in Berlin and make a lil' website for it. I'm hoping it'll be good and not another exercise in self-indulgence (see "body chocolate for children" project circa 2005).
-I learned how to tie a tie, see previous entry.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I bought a tie the other day, you know to be adorable. But, I really had no idea how to tie a tie, until I stumbled on this informative site, come and take a look with me!