Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mmm, aggression is certainly in the air here in ole' Berlin. I have witnessed two major fights in the past two days. One was in one of my local bar and involved a young American woman screaming and slapping patrons and the bartender. Speaking perfect German, she noted that Hitler's ascent made sense because all Germans suck.
Then, last night, Nicky and I were eating dinner outside and two old men started punching each other. It was a whirlwind of stonewashed denim, beer bottles and white hair.
One was accusing the other one of calling him a "child-fucker" and the other one was just screaming, "I know where you live. It's 109 Hobrechtstrasse!" Eventually the polizei came and took one of them away.
Today is May 1st, public holiday for the workers. I'm skeered because apparently it gets a bit out of hand here. Nicky said a bunch of Greek anarchists are coming to town just to start stuff. And I really don't like people throwing things at me or getting harassed. Some of the banks in my neighborhood are boarded up for fear that people will damage/burn them. I was also told not to wear black, so as not to be confused with one of the unmentionables. But I love black!
I also love drama and protests, just not when it involves food, violence or police interference.
*maybe when it involves food.

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