Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today I went to work, where my student didn't show up (and I spent 10 minutes slavishly printing an article from the nytimes website for her!). Soooo, I went to the Deutsches Guggs and saw the new Photorealism show. I've never been wild for photorealism, but as a strategy in the 70's it makes sense to me. The wall text at the show really annoyed me with its over-emphasis on the impersonal, objective nature of the paintings as a rebuttal to AbExers. For one thing, the painters included approach things very differently--I think Richard Estes and Audrey Flack don't necessarily have the same aim. And I don't always think that aim was to visually pants Mr. Pollock.
That's all. I like the Deutsches Guggenheim because it's small and underwhelming and intimate; very dissimilar to her big bullying brothers and sisters.
I have pictures to share with you, but Blogger is blocking me like a fat girl.

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